Advantage Of 100 Percent Of Water And Heat Insulatıon With Isoplaster

Heat, water, sound insulation and flooring systems manufacturer with ECLECTIA CO production in Turkey without using dowel with ISOPLAST heat insulation plaster is carried out in the factory building without puncturing, unlike other insulating materials, building plus burden on the energy savings of 70%, but also 100% waterproofing possible. 

ISOPLASTER thermal insulation plaster is preferred in construction projects, workplaces and residences due to its special formulations without cement, without mesh, without dowels, elastic, durable and providing a decorative appearance to the building, lightness and economic. It provides maximum protection against heat and water permeability by protecting structures against all natural effects without any spaces in the buildings without leaving any spaces. As it has inhalation effect, it provides water vapor transmission. 

Eclectia A.Ş, which is active in heat, water, sound insulation and floor covering systems of the buildings' makes production extremely sensitive to human and environmental health.

ISOPLASTER thermal insulation plaster can be applied on concrete, wood and all kinds of surfaces and can provide heat and water insulation together.

Isoplaster thermal insulation plaster, which provides 100% water isolation when used alone, provides 30% thermal insulation when applied alone thanks to the air gaps in its structure, and provides thermal insulation up to 70% on the facades of buildings when applied together with EPS plates.

ISOPLAST is in Turkey and produced water is the only product with thermal insulation and energy savings up to 70%.