Company Profile

As Eclectia Heat And Water Insulation, We Provide You With The Most Professional And Technological Devices In The Field And In The Domestic And External Market.

As Eclectia Heat And Water Insulation, We Provide You With The Most Professional And Technological Devices In The Field And In The Domestic And External Market. 

ECLECTIA FOREIGN TRADE INC. Was established in 2008 and started to produce heat, waterproofing and floor coating (epoxy) products.We aim lasting solutions with new technologies in the sector of heat and waterproofing and would aim to provide Turkey market. Our company, with its innovative vision, realizes its production with 100% automation systems using new generation production technologies.

It continues its investments every year in order to create and expand portfolio in the field of heat and water insulation, to make sales planning and finalize within the scope of product promotion and applications, to organize joint works with relevant dealers and departments, to become a leader and permanent in innovation.

ECLECTIA FOREIGN TRADE INC. With the strength of its brand and its wide product range, it is rapidly advancing towards becoming a sought-after brand both in domestic and foreign markets. Our company has ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001 and ISO: 18001 quality assurance and management certificates. 

In our laboratory, where new generation professional and technological devices are used, our test and measurement processes are carried out by our experienced and academic staff by keeping every stage of production process under constant control.

Calibration and maintenance of our analyzers are performed periodically. Raw materials are sampled before production and controlled to ensure the highest level of production quality. A sample is taken every 5 minutes during the production phase to ensure that all products are produced in the most accurate and precise way. 

ECLECTIA FOREIGN TRADE INC. The Quality Principle is to provide products to customers that exceed national and international standards and customer expectations.

Continuous development and improvement is our corporate culture; Quality is the responsibility of all our employees. Our basic principles are to improve the work ethics and talents of our employees with the trainings we provide them. 

We will continue to be respectful to the environment, protect the environment and provide the beauty of the environment with our environmentally friendly products by using all the opportunities of technology to protect the environment. In addition to complying with the current legislation and legal regulations; we will continue our activities as safe, ethical, environmentally friendly. Innovative, European standards, high-quality production, as well as environmental protection as an integral part of our business we accept.

To date, we have always been respectful to the environment, protecting the environment and providing environmental beauty in our environmentally friendly products and maintaining our environmentalist quality in our products and services.

Ensuring continuous improvement and improvement, in addition to complying with applicable environmental legislation and legal regulations,

Our main principle is to control, reduce and prevent the factors that cause environmental degradation by aiming not to pollute the environment and to try to raise our environmental standards in cooperation with the authorities, relevant institutions and suppliers. Our company specializes in insulation and exterior insulation and has implemented numerous exterior cladding and jacketing applications.

Our environmental policy is open to public information and to protect and improve the environment is the duty of all our employees as ECLECTIA DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş.