Eclectia Isoshield Exterior Waterproofing Paint

Eclectia Isoshield Water Shutoff Exterior Waterproofing Paint Eclectia Isoshield Long Lasting, Uv Resistant, Colorable Water Shutoff Exterior Water Insulation Paint

Eclectia Isoshield Long Lasting, Uv Resistant, Colorable Water Shutoff Exterior Water Insulation Paint

Long Life, UV Resistant, Colorable Exterior Waterproofing

Product Features

It is a water-based, semi-opaque, waterproof waterproofing material on the exterior surfaces of buildings and structures, on surfaces where it is applied by applying, with a thick film layer that forms a seamless, elastic, waterproof surface. Forms a decorative coating. Water based polymer based, solvent free. It has 300% elasticity. It is impermeable to water but it is water vapor permeable. This feature allows the buildings to breathe and prevents moisture and moisture inside the building. Thanks to its special formula, it does not retain dirt and maintains its original feature for many years. It prevents the carbon dioxide gas formed in the structure and thus slows the formation of carbonization and protects the reinforcements in the concrete. Rain, dirt, traffic, etc. from external environments. protects buildings against impacts caused by reasons. Due to its high elasticity, it is not affected by all cracks on the surface of the building and does not burn. It is white and can be colored if desired.

Scope of application

Waterproofing of exterior surfaces of buildings, structures, all kinds of plaster and painted exterior surfaces, Caleterasit etc. It is used as insulating painting on old surfaces, wood etc. surfaces, sheathing buildings, gross concrete or prefabricated structures, and as colored waterproofing on metal surfaces. It can also be used in the interior of your structures if desired.

Application Instructions

The application surfaces should be free of dust, dirt and oil and the surface should be dry. Loose layers should be removed if any, small cracks and defects on the surface should be repaired and corrected. Before application, horizontal and vertical surfaces should be primed with ofix Isofix insulation primer so that there is no open area. Then allow to dry for at least 2 hours. 

Osh isoshield waterproof paint is ready to use. We recommend unpacking and mixing homogeneously before use. The application can be done by brush, roller, or an appropriate sprayer. After priming, the surface is applied in two coats with an interval of 4 hours and the paint process is completed. Avoid application in frost and extreme heat. Waiting time between coats is 4 hours. Application should be made between +5 C and +35 C. 


It is applied with 0.650 kg 0.800 kg brush and roller on 1 m2 with double application basis. Ready to be diluted with water or other substances. Consuming more or less can lead to inefficiency and side effects in product performance. Application surface, rain and water during and after the application, mechanical impacts and so on. should be protected from all external factors for 24 hours.

Drying Time

Waiting time between coats is 4 hours. These values are given for 1 mm thickness at 20 ° C

Ambient temperature during application should be between +5 ° C and + 35 ° C. These values can vary depending on the ambient conditions. 

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight in its original sealed packages at +5 to +35 ° C. Keep container closed when not in use. Protect from freezing. Shelf life is 24 months.

Health Safety

As with all chemical products, food products should not be in contact with skin, eyes and mouth during handling and storage. During the application, work clothes, protective gloves, goggles and masks which comply with occupational health rules should be used.

If swallowed by accident, seek medical advice. Store out of reach of children. 

Packaging shape

20 kg - 5 kg pe buckets 


Standard colorable UV resistant white, (can be produced in desired colors) 

Product Exchange And Return Conditions:

When the product is delivered from the cargo, the packages must be checked, the damaged package or products should not be received, the signature should not be signed and the cargo authority must determine the damage report. 

If the couriers do not wish to have the product checked, please return the product without any delivery. Shipping or shipping company does not accept any responsibility for the products you have signed and checked without checking.

Only products with damage detection can be exchanged or returned free of charge.