Epoxy Floor Application

Epoxy flooring; It is an application made for decorative appearance and protection of concrete surfaces. Eclectia Epoxy Floor Application

Epoxy flooring; It is an application made for decorative appearance and protection of concrete surfaces. Robust, decorative, harmless to human health, physical resistance is high because it is a very demanding system in the field of epoxy flooring.

What are the advantages of epoxy flooring?

- Prevents dusting

- It is antibacterial,

- It has waterproof insulation feature, 

- Provides ease of use of vehicles such as pallets and forklifts,

- Non-slippery surface is obtained,

-      Creates a hygienic environment.

The word epoxy  means sharp asit on Ep “and“ oxy on the word Ep sharp / acidic.. Russian chemist Prileschajev was discovered by olefins in the early 1900s. In 1930, the German scientist P. Schlack applied for patenting high molecular weight polyamines by reacting amines with epoxide mixtures containing more than one epoxide group. The patent is described as the reaction of epoxide mixtures of Epichlorohydrin and Bisphenol A.

Epoxy; Resistant to acids, water and alkalis. It does not lose its resistance over time. The epoxy adhesive filled into the crack in the structure transforms the discontinuity environment created by the crack into a continuous state, connects both sides of the crack continuously along the crack and thus prevents stress deposits. Since epoxy and glass or carbon fiber have excellent mechanical strength, they are used in marine, aerospace and aerospace technologies.

Generally, two-component epoxies, like other thermoset plastics, switch from liquid to solid state after a certain period of time and cure within 1-2 weeks to reach the final hard state.

It can also be used as an epoxy paint or primer. It is applied as a floor covering in many places such as food production facilities, pharmaceutical factories, warehouses, power plants, loading and unloading areas, service areas, production facilities and parking lots.

Advantages of Epoxy 

Epoxy has a wide range of colors, has anti-bacterial properties, aesthetic, monolithic appearance, chemical mechanical strength gives positive results, non-slip and impermeability is an ideal solution when desired; polyepoxide is a synthetic resin which hardens and cures when it reacts chemically with a hardener or catalyst agent. Available in many products, each option of epoxy is produced and offered for separate floor and wall applications. Usage areas; pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, operating theaters, food industry facilities and heavy industry structures, sports fields, squash halls, hotels, cold stores, drinking water and waste water tanks, stores, offices and all areas of production. 

Creating a strong and permanent bond with reinforced concrete 

Excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals in a wide range 

Providing a precise solution to penetration of liquids, increasing toughness, durability and flexibility and impact and abrasion resistance,

Hygienic and easy to clean surface supply, 

Increasing resistance to cracking, 

Providing low coating thickness,

Rapid applicability and curing to ensure minimal inhibition of work.

Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coating

* Epoxy Floor Coatings

* Gives decorative appearance to the floor. 

* Suitable for hygiene.

* Easy to wipe and clean. 

* Very good adherence to the old surface.

* Suitable for pedestrian, forklift and vehicle traffic.

 Epoxy Usage Areas

 Depending on the application style and product selection, the fields of application are as follows;

- Textile Factories

- Food Industry

- Pharmaceutical Factories

- Car Services

- Petrochemical Plants

- Printing Houses

- Laboratories

- Bottling and Filling Facilities

- Hospitals

- Aircraft Hangars

- Rubber Factories

- Warehouses, Warehouses

- Tv Studios

- Electronic Assembly Areas

- Beer and Wine Facilities

- Plastic Industry

- Food Factories

- Terrace Coverings

For bonding reinforcement and iron; bonding of stone, steel, aluminum and even wood.

In reinforced concrete; anchor bars for the purpose of forming sprout planting work.

In structural connection and repair works as thin coating material on concrete, plaster, metal, ceramic, polyester and epoxy surfaces.

In the installation of prefabricated concrete elements and columns; repair of cracks and fractures.

Surface protective coating.

As an adhesive resin for bonding fresh concrete to old hardened concrete or mortar.

As a wear protection coating surface.

For productions with smooth surface and strength in bridge carrier plates, machine legs, fastening bolts, rail tracks.

In order to increase the loads, damage and aging in the wooden, masonry and reinforced concrete structures, make structural changes and strengthen the structures in case of design and manufacturing defects.

As a hard, waterproof and chemical resistant joint filling material in the joints of floor and wall ceramic coatings that will encounter chemical and mechanical effects; pool, laundry, hospital, laboratories.

High strength floor and wall paint.

Underwater manufacturing.

It can be used for filling, gluing or injecting cracks and cavities in buildings for any reason.

The most commonly used epoxy group is used as a floor covering.

General properties of epoxy surface coating applications are as follows: 

Resistant to chemicals. 

Creates abrasion and abrasion resistant surfaces.

It has a wide range of colors in decorative applications.

Easy to clean, hygienic.

Non-slip floor can be obtained by adding aggregate.

Resistant to oil and chemicals.


   Solvent free.


Epoxy is a product group which is generally used for protection, repair and decorative appearance of concrete surfaces by forming a particle coating plane. Because of these features, in a very wide area; It is used with increasing demand for manufacturing durable, decorative, sanitary, chemical and physical strengths and surfaces which are harmless to human health both in application and in later life. The building sector's need to turn to more scientific and technological methods day by day imposes the chance and necessity of the products that are produced and applied with specialized scientific and technical staff to become more widespread and prepare the ground for them. In this context, epoxy product group is one of the modernbuilding materials that will be recognized, used and loved in the future.