Human Resources

Eclectıa Foreıgn Trade Inc. Human Resources Polıcy

ECLECTIA Foreign Trade Inc. The Human Resources and Personnel Management Policy is determined within the general principles determined by the Board of Directors.

Our company's basic Human Resources policy; It is based on the principle of improving individual and team performance and creating equal career and professional development opportunities for the employees in order to use the human resources in the most effective and efficient manner and to direct the management power in line with the establishment goals, by continuously improving the product and work quality.

The main objective of the Human Resources Department is; ECLECTIA FOREIGN TRADE INC. is a fast, dynamic, young, potential, well-educated and easily adaptable company. and to create suitable career opportunities for employees with high loyalty to the company, creating value, using the right initiative and having high motivation. Systems related to all other human resources processes such as recruitment, training, performance, career and wage management are carried out effectively within the framework of these principles. 


The purpose of the recruitment process at ECLECTIA FOREIGN TRADE INC. is to recruit people who can fulfill the requirements of the position they will undertake in the best way and can continuously increase the contribution made to the company by adapting to the structure of the company.

Applications can be submitted from different sources such as e-mail, website, suggestions of company employees or consulting firms. All submitted applications are processed in the Human Resources application database. If there are open positions within the budget, these applications are evaluated

The first interview with the candidates is carried out by the Human Resources Department. Candidates who are determined to have the required qualifications as a result of this meeting are invited to the second meeting with the relevant department manager.

Human resources are offered to the candidate who is found positive in both meetings.

Informative letters are sent to the candidates whose interviews have been concluded negatively and their resumes are kept in the database for a period of one year to be evaluated in other positions.


ECLECTIA FOREIGN TRADE INC. Provides students with the opportunity to do internship during the year or in summer depending on the field they are studying.

Students who want to do an internship during the summer months can send their applications to by the end of May. Internship applications are accepted by the Human Resources Department after taking into consideration the intern quotas of the departments. 

Final year students of vocational and commercial high schools can submit their applications for the winter term by the end of June. Placements result before the start of the study period.