We Give Importance On Human, Environment And Sustainable Energy.

Eclectica joint stock company of the leading brands in the insulation industry people, in the framework of the importance given to environmental and sustainable energy markets in Turkey and the world was the most demanding companies.


Eclectia Inc., a manufacturer of heat, water, sound insulation and flooring systems, was established in 2008 and has experienced and academic staff in its laboratories where the most professional and technological devices are used. was the company that provides the most accurate and precise production to its customers.


’’ Heat Insulation the key to combating climate change

In our country, 37.2% of energy is spent in buildings, 32% in industry and 20% in transportation. The biggest share of the energy consumed in buildings is caused by heating. More than 75% of the total energy consumed in homes is consumed for heating and cooling. A large proportion of this energy is lost due to uninsulated or poorly insulated exterior walls. It is known that the most economical, most common and effective way of saving up to 50% with the right product and application is "Thermal Insulation da in buildings.


Reliable brand, correct material and correct application are the key to maximum energy saving with HEAT, WATER, voice insulation.

Eclectia Inc., which is active in the areas of heat, water, SES insulation and floor covering systems of buildings, makes production extremely sensitive to human and environmental health. Turkey and Ghana in manufacturing in the factory ECLECTIA brand of power and both the domestic market with wide range of products, as well as become a brand in foreign markets, CE-TSE -ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001 and ISO: with 18001 quality assurance and management certificate quality as a standard.

Ferhat Altındal, Chairman of Eclectia A.Ş: ‘’ We stand behind what we know. This business is an engineering activity, we approach analytically the problem of each structure is a separate project, by making on-site discovery, analyzing, planning with our architect and engineer friends, we determine our strategy by targeting long-term protection of solutions in accordance with the plan for scientific and economic benefit.

Eclectia, with its environment-friendly products, always respecting the environment, sensitive and sensitive company policy to continue its activities as a safe, ethical and environmentally friendly principle, with the principle of national and international quality and customer expectations by providing the highest quality products to customers.

One of Eclectia's most striking applications is its ability to create project and individual options.