Eclectia Isofix Universal Multi-Purpose Insulation Primer

Eclectia Isofix Universal, Waterproof, Aderance Increaser, Consumer Reducer Insulation

Eclectia Isofix Universal, Waterproof, Aderance Increaser, Consumer Reducer Insulation Insulation Primer. 

Product Features and Presentation

It is an acrylic co-polymer based, water-based, one-component, multi-purpose, elastic, modified primer suitable for use on transparent interior and exterior surfaces. It affects the texture of every kind of mineral origin and porous infrastructure and penetrates the surface to which it is applied and reinforces the reinforcement. It eliminates the sanding or chalking on the surface, the surface on which it is applied oil, dirt, dust, etc. substances. It is used for strengthening of dusty, crumbly mineral based surfaces. It has high binding properties and alkali resistance, it is water impermeable. It enables our products to be applied on a solid infrastructure. It also reduces paint consumption when applied to gypsum plasters on raw plaster. It provides the application of interior and exterior acrylic paints on a solid infrastructure.


Scope of application


Water based waterproofing materials and wall putty applications; all kinds of natural stone, plaster, wall, concrete, plaster, etc. It is used on porous, mineral based floors, old lime whitewashed, painted, repaired walls, old interior and exterior painted surfaces. It can be applied as a general purpose primer on conventional plastered, gypsum, satin gypsum, gypsum board, mineral based raw wall surfaces to be painted for the first time, old stained interior-exterior surfaces that have lost color or will be changed color for decorative purposes.

Application Instruction

Surface to be applied; dust, dirt, oil etc. The surface must be clean and dry. As soon as it is ready, it is applied by applying a single layer to the surface with a brush or roller. After a minimum drying time of 2-4 hours, paint application is started. It helps you to achieve a healthy ground. Application areas should be between +5 C and +30 C. It should be mixed before use. Ready to use, should not be diluted with water 


Although it is variable according to the absorbency of the surface, it has a consumption of approximately 0,100 - 0,200 kg / m2 in approximately 1 m2 single floor on concrete and plaster surfaces. It is applied with brush and roller.

Ready to be diluted with water or other substances. Consuming more or less can lead to inefficiency and side effects in product performance. Application surface, rain and water during and after the application, mechanical impacts and so on. should be protected from all external factors for 24 hours.

Drying Time

Touch drying time is 4 hours. Ambient temperature during application should be between +5 ° C and + 35 ° C. Full drying can vary according to ambient conditions for 24 hours. 

Storage Conditions 

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight in its original sealed packages at +5 to +35 ° C. Keep container closed when not in use. Protect from freezing. Shelf life is 24 months. 

Health Safety 

As with all chemical products, food products should not be in contact with skin, eyes and mouth during handling and storage. During the application, work clothes, protective gloves, goggles and masks which comply with occupational health rules should be used. 

If swallowed by accident, seek medical advice. Store out of reach of children. 

Packaging shape

15 kg - 2.5 kg in 1 kg PE buckets 



Product Exchange And Return Conditions 

When the product is delivered from the cargo, the packages must be checked, the damaged package or products should not be received, the signature should not be signed and the cargo authority must determine the damage report.

If the couriers do not wish to have the product checked, return the product without any delivery. Shipping or shipping company does not accept any responsibility for the products you have signed and checked without checking.

Only products with damage detection can be exchanged or returned free of charge.