Isobond Ready Repair and Filler Paste

New Technologies, Permanent Solutions Isobond Ready Repair and Filler Paste Ready to Use Acrylic, Elastic Ready Repair and Filler Paste

New Technologies, Permanent Solutions Isobond Ready Repair and Filler Paste Ready to Use Acrylic, Elastic Ready Repair and Filler Paste


Ready Repair Filling; It is a modified acrylic copolymer binder based, flexible, ready-to-use filler and surface correction paste that is ready for use indoors and outdoors, and is used to cover cracks, holes and roughness in walls and floors. It is used as a general-purpose repair mortar with high adhesion property without any apparatus in repairing cracks and holes on plaster, mineral based surfaces. The surface obtained is smooth and matt. It can be sanded and painted. It is long lasting. It is not flammable. It is easily applied and dries quickly. It is resistant to moisture and water after full drying. It does not crack and collapse.


Isobond elastic repair mortar is used on all kinds of concrete surfaces, on the surfaces of cracks and holes on mineral based surfaces such as plasterboard, plaster, brick, gas jamb, insulated printing, granite, marble, jamb, floor wipes, insulated printing etc. It is used as a repair mortar in the joints of such products.


The application surfaces should be cleaned from dust, dirt and oil, the surface should be dry. If there are loose layers, they should be removed. Ready to use, "isobond elastic repair mortar" is filled into the existing prepared surface. After filling, the surface can be smoothed. It should not be applied more than 5mm - 10 mm in one go. Apply the repair paste with a spatula or trowel. If the surface is dry, it can be sanded if desired. If necessary, apply two coats and wait at least 24 hours between coats.


Since the usage area is very wide, consumption varies, usage varies according to depth, width, length and varies. It is ready to be diluted with water or other substances. Spending more or less on the area to be used can lead to inefficiency and side effects on product performance. The applied surface, rain, water, mechanical impacts etc. during and after the application. It should be protected from all external factors for 2-4 hours.


Application at 20 ºC is 2 hours. Ambient temperature should be between +5 C and +35 C during application. These values may vary depending on the ambient conditions for 24 hours in full drying.




Store in an unopened, original, sealed original packaging in dry cool environments, between +5, +35 ° C and store. Keep the mouth of the package closed when not in use. Protect from freezing. Shelf life is 24 months.


As with all chemical products, food products should not be in contact with the skin, eyes and mouth during use and storage. If accidentally swallowed, consult a doctor. It should be stored out of the reach of children.


Plastic crimp tube; 330 gr Pieces in a box: 33

COLOR  White